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Conductor Hole Pricing & Mousehole Pricing

Pricing is provided on a per foot basis and is based on the required diameter of the hole and the required full depth casing diameter. We will furnish proposals via email or fax within one business day of the request. All quote requests should be phoned in to our office at 800.321.8445 ext. 9, faxed in to 215.766.3750 or emailed to proposal@uniteddrilling.com.

Click to download the Quote Request Form.

Please note that United Drilling will use .25" wall, steel casing for all drilling and setting of casings. If a thicker gauge steel casing is required, please note that at the time of your request for bid.

United Drilling does not currently offer grouting or concreting services. However, we are happy to coordinate the grouting or concreting for you at the completion of drilling. We understand our rig must remain over the hole while grouting is performed to insure the integrity of the hole, and this is included as part of our standard service.

Pricing Questions

Should you need a proposal please call our office at 800.321.8445, and dial ext. 9. any time between 7am to 5pm. Anyone who answers the phone can assist in taking the pertinent information and providing you with a proposal. You can also email your proposal requests to proposal@uniteddrilling.com or fax your requests to 215.766.3750.

Click to download the Quote Request Form

We require your necessary depth, hole diameter and necessary casing diameter to give you a per-foot drilling price. All pricing questions should be directed to, Tom Fleck or Joy Graber at ext. 16 and 28 respectively.

Scheduling Questions

Should you have a question about rig availability please call or email Sarah Renner at ext. 15 or sarah@uniteddrilling.com any time between 7am and 5pm. In Sarah's absence, you can speak with Joy Graber at ext. 28 or at jgraber@uniteddrilling.com. Should your scheduling need fall outside our office hours please call Tom Fleck at 215.285.6844 or Joy Graber at 215.285.6879.

United Drilling typically runs on a one week lead time but we have the rigs and manpower to mobilize for a project even faster if necessary. Please note that the majority of United Drilling's rigs have state of Pennsylvania blanket permits, eliminating the downtime associated with ordering and waiting for DOT permits.

Technical Questions

Should you have technical questions regarding our drill rig capabilities, depth or diameter, requirements, access conditions, etc. please call Tom Fleck at 800.321.8445 ext. 16 or directly on his cell phone at 215.285.6844. You can also reach him via email at tom@uniteddrilling.com. Tom has over 20 years in the drilling business and is considered an expert within our industry. He is available for site visits, if required, prior to a drill rig being mobilized.

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