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What types of drilling rigs does United Drilling utilize?

United Drilling has two types of drilling rigs for the gas industry: Ingersoll Rand T4W Drilling Rigs and Watson Augers. The composition of a site's ground formation determines which rig is used at each location. T4W Drilling Rigs excel in drilling rock formations while Augers specialize in sand and clay. The most efficient rig will be mobilized to drill the specified ground formations.

How many rigs would be mobilized to my drilling site?

Depending on ground formations and at what depth we encounter rock, one or two rigs may be mobilized. If scheduling demands arise it is also possible to have more than one rig and/or more than one crew working on your jobsite. In addition, United Drilling will bring all estimated support equipment such as backup air, skid steers and boom trucks.

How deep can you drill and up to what diameter?

Truck drilling rigs can drill as deep as the job requires; we can drill up to a 36" hole in rock and up to a 48" hole in non-rock formations. The outer diameter of our in-stock rock drilling bits include 11", 13", 15", 17.25", 19", 22", 24", 26", 29", 34" and 36".

How fast can a hole be drilled?

Progress is determined by ground formations, required depths and specified diameters. For example, a 22" rock hole drilled to 80' would most likely be completed in one 10-hour day or less, however, any overburden prior to the rock could add time to the drilling. One of the many advantages of using United Drilling is our fleet of T4W Driling Rigs and Augers. Regardless of the ground formation, United Drilling has the specialized equipment to complete the job in the most efficient manner.

Why is United Drilling's ability to drill a guaranteed-plumb hole important to me?

The straighter the hole, the smaller the required casing, which results in less expensive total drilling costs. United Drilling is tooled up to drill straight holes by running stabilizers on our hammers and 20-inch diameter drill steels to assist in maintaining plumbness. Our field personnel are highly experienced in plumbing holes that meet he most stringent tolerances. The conductor hole sets the stage for the next string of drill casings. 

What gauge casing will be used for drilling and/or lining the conductor hole?

United Drilling utilizes .25" wall casing for drilling and lining holes, unless a larger gauge is requested. Please note that larger gauge requirements will impact the cost of drilling. Should you require anything over the standard .25" wall casing, please notify our office when submitting your bid request.

Who will grout the hole after completion?

Because United Drilling specializes in drilling large diameter, straight holes, through any natural ground conditions, we prefer that grouting be completed by a company specializing in that field.  We are willing and able to coordinate the grouting for you, but prefer that the bidding and billing go directly through your company. We understand our rig is required to be setup on the hole during the grouting and that is a service we include in our price.

Do you offer Mousehole drilling?

Mousehole drilling can be provided on the same mobilization, or a separate mobilization as the conductor hole. Pricing is based on the depth and required diameter. United Drilling coordinates the concreting of the mousehole, if required, at completion of drilling or at a later date. Our rigs that are utilized for mousehole drilling have State of Pennsylvania blanket permits, eliminating the downtime associated with ordering and waiting for DOT permits.

Is United Drilling able to concrete the mousehole after completion?

United Drilling is willing and able to coordinate the concreting of the mousehole, if required, at the completion of drilling. It is also an option for United Drilling to return to the site at a later date to concrete the mousehole. The billing for the concrete can go directly to you, or, United Drilling will invoice you for the concrete.

Are you linked with ISN World?

United Drilling's priority is the safety of our personnel and those working with our company. We have a strict, zero- tolerance safety program, extensive training for our personnel, and are actively involved in the ISN program. Should you require any additional information, or link our company to your company through the ISN world, please contact Gary Nonemacher, Joy Graber or ISN directly. Our crews come prepared to the site with the proper PPE including fire resistant clothing(when necessary), hard hats, safety glasses, welding helmets, welding jackets, leather gloves, ear plugs, and steel toed boots.

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