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From our fleet of Ingersoll Rand T-4 rigs and Watson Augers to our InsideAir™ indoor drilling rig and our Concentrix™ drill bits, United Drilling brings powerful, versatile, state-of-the-art equipment to every job we perform. Our fleet includes specialized equipment for all types of site and ground conditions, and we have customized tooling to solve problems encountered during difficult modernization projects.




United Drilling Specialized Equipment List:

  • 8 InsideAir™ Drilling Rigs: Drilling diameters from 12" to 38".
  • 8 T4 Rock Drilling Rigs: Drills to any required depth. It drills up to a 36" diameter rock hole and can drill through any ground formation. This rig excels in rock.
  • 8 Watson Augers (including Air Auger): The Watson and Air Auger can drill up to 120', up to a 48" non-rock hole and can drill through all ground formations except solid rock. This rig excels in sand and clay.


Bringing Power Through the Front Door

InsideAir™ is the technology that lets United Drilling bring a full drill rig, with all the power of an outdoor rig, through a standard 30-inch doorway. With InsideAir™, we can drill guaranteed-plumb, hydraulic cylinder holes inside any structure—for a new elevator or an elevator modernization—without disturbing existing walls or doorways. For drilling through difficult ground, we can combine the InsideAir™ with our Concentrix™ drill bits to allow simultaneous drilling and casing of the hole.an image of the Bit From Below

InsideAir™ Diagram

See our Inside Drilling page for more information or to request a proposal.


Drilling Straight Through Any Ground

Our Concentrix™ drill bits provide the fastest penetration through any ground formation. Designed for down-hole hammers, the system enables United Drilling to drill and case holes simultaneously, even through extremely difficult conditions. The result is a guaranteed-plumb hole executed with speed and precision—indoors or outdoors.

See our Services page for more information or to request a proposal.

Concentrix™ is a trademark of Rotex Oy, Tampere, Finland

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